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Running is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get fit. It provides a full-body workout and countless physical and mental health benefits. Here at Running Hub, we area dedicated haven for all things running for people in Maidstone, Aylesford, Allington, Breasted, Burham, and the surrounding parts of Kent. Based in Tunbridge Wells, we offer a wealth of experience regarding running and the best trainers and other kit for your needs.

Running shop near Maidstone

At Running Hub, we know that everyone is different, with individual sports goals. We can help you achieve your running aims with expert advice, the latest products from world-leading and emerging brands, and a personal and bespoke service.

We offer telephone and video consultations and have a booking system, where you can organise a slot to pop into the shop. We can advise you about anything from the right running shoes to clothing, sports bras, and running accessories. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Why choose us:

  • We offer video gait analysis, so we can offer you an accurate assessment of your running gait to help the right running shoes for you
  • We have a wide selection of running trainers, from Brooks, Asics, Saucony, Mizuna, Ronhill, New Balance, and others
  • We are here to help to give you impartial advice based on decades of knowledge and expertise
  • We also have an online shop where you can browse some of our running clothing and apparel online
  • We can cater for any runner, from those taking a gentle jog around the block to experienced ultra-marathon runners

To speak to one of our passionate team or for advice, please call us now on 01892 530 559.

Expert advice about the right running trainers near Aylesford

Why do the right running shoes help so much with running in Maidstone or Aylesford? It is very important to choose the right shoes as your feet pound the pavement over and over again. As well as providing cushioning and support, it can make you feel lighter as you run. Some runners have too much pronation (when their feet rotate too much while running), and some whose feet have insufficient pronation. The best way to find the right pair of running shoes is to speak a running specialists, like to team at Running Hub.

Every shoe and brand will fit slightly differently, even if the size is the same, so by trying on a few pairs, you can make the right choice for you.

Get expert advice and a personalised service from people who love running as much as you do! Visit the store today on London Road. We are open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm and on Saturdays, from 9am to 5.30pm. There is convenient free parking in Yew tree Road. Alternatively call us on 01892 530 559.


What is ME14 video gait analysis and is it worth it?

There is a whole world of running shoes and we can help you choose the right shoes for Maidstone runners by analysing your gait with the latest gait analysis software. Your running gait comprises five phases:

  • Your stance when your foot first strikes the ground.
  • Loading, from when your heel hits the ground to the moment your forefoot touches down.
  • Mid-stance, the point at which your heel starts to lift and your forefoot flexes
  • Toe-off when your foot leaves the ground.
  • Swing, the time between your foot leaving the ground and touching it again.

All people have their own natural movement and we video our customers running on our in-store treadmill. We can then use high-speed video capture and the latest Contemplas Templo gait analysis software, to look at your running gait in more detail, to inform you about the right choice.

Our Video Gait Analysis

Maidstone sports shop for all your running clothing

Running clothing is lightweight and designed to move with your body. We stock a wider range of running clothing for Maidstone runners, including tops and bottoms, sports bras, and running accessories. The right clothing can make your running experience comfortable, pleasant, and calm.

We only stock clothing that is made from high-performance materials that are easy to care for and will never lose their shape, even after multiple washes. These fabrics will help you regulate your body temperature, even in extreme weather.

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Our Video Gait Analysis
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Running gear local to Maidstone

We are just a short drive away from Maidstone and the following neighbouring locations.

  • Allington
  • Boxley
  • Aylesford
  • Bearsted
  • Detling
  • Loose
  • Barming
  • Farleigh
  • Burham
  • Bredhurst
  • Linton
  • Malling
  • Wouldham
  • Snodland
  • Wateringbury

For running advice and gear, get in touch with our running shop near Maidstone

Pop in and visit us; there is convenient free parking adjacent on Yew Tree Road, a short distance from Maidstone. Call us on 01892 530 559, book an appointment to visit and speak to our staff in-store, or email and we will do everything we can to help.