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If you are a runner or sports enthusiast based near Hastings, Robertsbridge, St Leonards, Fairlight, Westfield, or Crowhurst, and are looking a new pair of running shoes or other running clothing, then look no further. Running Hub, based in nearby Tunbridge Wells, is the go-to running shop for all your specialist running needs. We cater for runners of all ages and experience levels and aim to equip you with exactly what you need to make your running experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Running shop near Hastings
  • Expert knowledge and advice: We take great pride in our excellent customer service and our knowledge, so we can help you find the right running gear. We know our products and what works and what doesn’t.
  • Top-of-the-range running brands: We carry a wide range of carefully selected products from leading brand names and lesser-known ones. This includes including Mizuno, Inov8, Altra, OOFOS, New Balance, Brooks, Saucony, ASICS, and HOKA.
  • Gait analysis: We have an in-store treadmill linked to advanced gait analysis technology, so we can take a short video of your running and then slow it down to analyse your gait. This allows us to narrow down on a possible selection of running trainers.
  • Booking system: To ensure everyone’s safety and so we can give you all our attention, we have implemented a booking system. if you are unable to come to our shop, we are always available for telephone and video consultations.
  • Heart of the running community: We have always been very active in our local running community and have linked with all our local running clubs and sports clubs, as well as personal trainers, and sports physiotherapists.

We are always happy to talk about running with our customers! Please call us now
On 01892 530 559.

Let us help you choose your running shoes in Robertsbridge

Did you know that around four times your body weight passes through your feet whilst running? Whether you are a seasoned runner in Robertsbridge or Hastings or just starting out, it is essential that you have the right running trainers. The right pair of running trainers will give your feet the unique support, so you can avoid injuries to your ankles, knees, hips, and feet.

Perfect movement of the feet and the ankles, where the foot strikes the floor rolling from the outer mid to forefoot inwards and pushing off the ball of the foot is known as neutral running and this is the optimal running position. It will give you the most choice of shoes. The most common running gait is known as overpronation, where the ankle collapses inwards, whilst some people tend to supinate, where the ankle pushes outwards.

Get expert advice and a personalised service from people who love running as much as you do! Visit the store today on London Road. We are open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm and on Saturdays, from 9am to 5.30pm. There is convenient free parking in Yew tree Road. Alternatively call us on 01892 530 559.


What can we do to help? Video gait analysis near Hastings will ensure you choose the right running trainers

Gait analysis is the study of running or walking, looking at the action of the feet and limbs. Running is a repetitive activity and running injuries are often associated with poor biomechanics, such as the issues mentioned above.

We use state-of-the-art Contemplas Templo gait analysis software for our Hastings customers, which allows us to study your movement as you move so we can advise you about the right shoes for the way you run.

Our Video Gait Analysis

Hastings sports bras, running apparel and running accessories

Established in 2009 by passionate runner, Allan Cheek, we are at the centre of our local running community. Allan has been running for over 35 years and has been an active part of local running club Tunbridge Wells Harriers (formerly Tunbridge Wells Runners) since 1995. Allan and his small team aim to bring you a wealth of experience and expertise, so you can choose exactly the right running apparel for your needs.

The first step to getting the best out of your running in Hastings is the right shoes but other clothing, including the right sports bar, running socks, running shorts, and running tops can also make a huge difference to your comfort levels.

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Our Video Gait Analysis
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Running gear local to Hastings

We are just a short drive away from Hastings and the following neighbouring locations.

  • Guestling
  • Fairlight
  • Westfield
  • Crowhurst

For more details of the right running clothing and trainers in Hastings, get in touch

Whatever your running level, we would be delighted to help with your running trainers or other items in Hastings. Please call 01892 530 559, email info@runninghub.co.uk, or book an appointment to come and see us.