We see thousands of feet every year and no two pairs are alike. Our gait analysis process starts from the foot up and in the majority of cases we can find the perfect shoe to iron out any imbalances we see in people’s running gait.

But sometimes we need a little helping hand. And that’s where our custom insoles come in. We have partnered with leading running insoles supplier Enertor to provide a completely bespoke solution tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

How does it work?

  • You book an appointment through our online booking system at (add in to the notes that you’d like a custom insole fitting). Usually appointments will take around half an hour but it might take longer depending on the complexity of your feet and any other issues you might be experiencing.
  • We will talk to you about any running injuries or niggles you are currently experiencing and about your running history in general. We will then fill out with you a medical questionnaire that forms the background to your insole fitting.
  • We will then use state-of-the-art 3D scanning software to assess your feet and produce a 3D image of them. This will be used in conjunction with photographs of your feet and legs to provide a full analysis.
  • The completed scans, images and questionnaire is then emailed to Enertor’s expert team in Ipswich who make the insoles exactly to your specification using advanced materials and techniques. The insoles are made within 5-7 working days (although you can pay a small premium for faster turnaround if needed).
  • You come back to the store and we fit the insole in your shoe and run you on the treadmill to check comfort and stability

What’s the price?

This is a full bespoke running orthotic made by one of the world’s leading insole providers. The custom orthotics (including the initial and follow-up appointments) costs £200.

For more details, call David on 07921 693517. Or to book an appointment, visit

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