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Are you a keen runner in East Grinstead, Lingfield, or Dormans looking for new running trainers so you can train better? Perhaps you are beginning your running journey and you want to make sure you have the right running apparel? Or maybe you are after specialist running advice about minimising injuries? Here at Running Hub, we are a specialist running store based in Tunbridge Wells, just a short drive away.

We are a team of keen runners and sports enthusiasts and our running shop has become the go-to destination for running trainers and other equipment. Many people make the mistake of thinking expensive or fashionable trainers are the best shoes for running but this is not the case. Every runner is unique and the best trainers will be ones that suit their running style.

Running shop near East Grinstead

We use in-store gait analysis to help our customers choose the right shoes for them. We also stock a wide choice of running gear, including running shorts, running tops, sports bras, and other running accessories, designed for all seasons.

We have an online booking system, so you can get out undivided attention to ensure you are equipped for running. We can also help with any other running-related queries and have links with running and sports clubs, sports physiotherapists, and personal trainers.

Call 01892 530 559 or book an appointment now. Running Hub is located on London Road and there is free car parking on Yew Tree Road. Alternatively, browse in our online shop, where some of our stock can be seen.

Select your running shoes near Lingfield

At Running Hub near Lingfield and East Grinstead, we stock a wide range of running and training shoes from all the big names including Brooks, Asics, Saucony, Mizuna, Ronhill, New Balance, alongside emerging brands.

One of the fantastic things about running is that it does not need any specialised equipment or lots of money to get started but good shoes are a must. There are different types of running trainers. These include:

  • Spikes, which are the lightest running shoes and are fitted with a set of plastic or metal spikes at the forefoot for better traction.
  • Racing flats designed for road races, that are lighter and stiffer than ordinary trainers.
  • Lightweight and flexible trainers for sprinting and interval training.
  • Everyday trainers for different types of running.
  • Trail running shoes for off-road running, which are designed differently according to the terrain you are running on.

Running gait assessment in East Grinstead

The Covid-19 crisis has been a cue for many people to pull on their trainers and get outside to go running. But how can you make the most out of your runs and not get injured? How can you push yourself further? Video gait analysis can provide a valuable insight into your running style. If you are a runner in East Grinstead looking for virtual gait analysis, our expert team can help.

Book a virtual gait analysis

As well as in-store gait checks, we run virtual gait analysis so you can enjoy all the benefits of gait analysis from the comfort of your own home. This gait testing involves sending us various details including a video of you running. This is overlaid on our advanced software so we can analyse how your body moves. Your running gait comprises of five movements from when your foot strikes the ground to when it leaves the floor. One of the key elements in the pronation – the natural rolling of the foot. If you have over pronation (when the foot rolls too far inwards) or under-pronation (an excessive outward roll), this is when injuries can occur.

Our running assessment allows us to look at your running style in closer detail, so we can make recommendations about the right types of running trainers and any foot orthotics like custom insoles that may help you run more efficiently. This gait check service is completely free – we just ask that you buy your trainers from our running shop. We stock a huge range of trainers from leading and small-name manufacturers that deliver on performance and style.

Why RH19 gait analysis can help you choose the right running trainers

With every step your run, your body force is equal to two and a half times your body weight. Each mile is equivalent to around 1900 steps, so if you run around 40 miles a week, that over two million steps per month!

Gait analysis can be hugely beneficial, especially if you wish to improve your performance or get over an existing injury. This is definitely not just something for advanced runners; we believe that everyone will benefit from getting their gait analysed, so they can choose the correct trainers for the way they move. We use advanced Contemplas Templo gait analysis software near East Grinstead, which allows us to video customers running on our in-store treadmill before slowing the video down and looking more closely at the movement of feet, ankles, legs and the body. It will uncover exactly how your body moves and look at flexibility, stability, mobility, and strength.

There are different foot strides, where the feet and ankles remain in a neutral position. Pronation is where the feet deviate to the inside side of the foot, whilst over overpronation (or supination) is where the feet deviate towards the outside side of the foot.

Our team can make the best recommendations about the right shoes to neutralise your movement, so you can run more efficiently.

Our Video Gait Analysis

East Grinstead running clothing: Shop with us

The right running clothing can definitely influence your performance. Not only will it make you feel more confident but it will improve your comfort levels. The fabrics are specifically designed to be flexible and breathable and are designed for all weather. Visit our shop and browse our running clothing in East Grinstead.

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Get expert advice and a personalised service from people who love running as much as you do! Visit the store today on London Road. We are open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm and on Saturdays, from 9am to 5.30pm. There is convenient free parking in Yew tree Road. Alternatively call us on 01892 530 559.


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